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Cuneiform Collection - SMM 11

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Museum #: SMM 14/61 Period: Ur III Dynasty
Publ. #: SET 126 Date: Shulgi, year 43, month 2; ca. 21st cen. BCE
Acquired from: Unknown Provenience: Nippur, Iraq
Sumer – S. Mesopotamia
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Measurements: H 37, W 33, Th 16 mm Culture: Sumerian
Condition: Broken and mended; baked Language: Sumerian
Description: Cuneiform tablet; copy of receipt for flour

Transliteration: Translation:
obv. 1. […] bracketx+2bracket sìla zíd 1. [x… +]2 quarts flour
2. bracketUr?-dNin? - gír? - su?bracket Ur-Ningirsu
3. bracketx x x x xbracket
4. šu-ba-an-brackettibracket 4. day 22,
5. Copy of the sealed tablet
lo. e. (blank)
rev. (top of rev. blank)
5. From Urkununna, Shulgi-urumu received.
6. iti gu4-bracketsi-subracket 6. Month Gu4-si-su,
7. mu En-bracketubur?-zi?-bracket[an?-na?] 7-8. year Enuburzianna (the en-priestess of Nanna) was chosen by the omens
8. máš-e ì - bracketpàdbracket

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cuneiform inscription

cuneiform inscription

cuneiform inscription


Much of the text of this tablet, a copy of a receipt for some quantity of flour, is irrecoverably lost due to damage to the tablet’s surface. The personal name in line 2 is tentatively read Ur-Ningirsu on the basis of Jones and Snyder’s reading; their edition of the text (SET 126) omitted the following line altogether. Jones and Snyder also gave the tablets date as Shulgi, year 55, but it appears rather to be year 43. Their attribution of the tablet to the city of Nippur is presumably based on the month name, for gu4-si-su is month 2 in the Nippur calendar.