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Cuneiform Collection - SMM 7

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Museum #: SMM 14/24 (14/7) Period: Ur III dynasty, ca. 21st cen. BCE
Publ. #: SET 266 Date: Amar-Suen, year 7, month 1; ca. 21st cen. BCE
Acquired from: C. Ames, 1915 Provenience: Umma (Jokha), Iraq
Sumer-Southern Mesopotamia
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Measurements: H 40, W 42, Th 14 mm* Culture: Sumerian
Condition: Intact; baked Language: Sumerian
Description: Cuneiform tablet, with seal impression. Record of field to be harvested

Transliteration: Translation:
obv. 1. 3 gán še še-gur10-a 1. 3 acres barley, for harvest,
2.a-šà gišma-nu 2. Field of the Ash Trees
3. Dada sipa ša 3. Dada, the swineherd
4. kišib Lugal-é-ma-
e lo.e. (Blank)
4. Seal(Ed by) Lugal-emae
rev. 5. iti še-gur10-ku5
(seal impression)
5. Month of barley harvest,
6. mu u-u-nu-ri
6. year Huhnuri was destroyed.

Seal legend:
1. Lugal-é-ma-e 1. Lugal-emae,
2. dub – sar 2. scribe,
3. dumu Lugal-kù-ga-ni 3. son of Lugal-kugani

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cuneiform inscription

cuneiform inscription

cuneiform inscription


According to this tablet, Dada the swineherd was responsible for harvesting three acres planted in barley, located within a tract of arable land in the area of Umma which was called “Field of the Ash-Trees.” ** Lugal-emae, son of Lugal-kugani, sealed this and many other tablets concerning agricultural work.†

* Measurements of seal impression:

  • height of seal impression – 25.5 mm.
  • height of seal legend – 24.5 mm.
  • width of seal legend – 15 mm.

** Attestations of this tract are collected in G. Pettinato, Untersuchungen zur neusumerischen Landwirtschaft I (Napoli: Instituto Orientale di Napoli, 1967), Part 2, no. 567, pp. 81-3; identification of gišma-nu as the Syrian ash courtesy M. Civil, personal communication.

† See the list under seal no. 442.1 in R. Mayr's catalogue, Seal Impressions of Ur III Umma, pp. 345-7.