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Cuneiform Collection - SMM 6

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Museum #: SMM 14/23 (14/6) Period: Ur III Dynasty
Publ. #: SET 127 Date: Shulgi, year 43, no. 6; ca. 21st cen. BCE
Acquired from: C. Ames, 1915 Provenience: Umma (Jokha), Iraq
Sumer-Southern Mesopotamia
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Measurements: H 41, W 42, Th 17 mm* Culture: Sumerian
Condition: Intact; baked Language: Sumerian
Description: Cuneiform tablet, with seal impression*

Transliteration: Translation:
obv. 1. 5 dida sig5 1. 5 (measures) fine beer-mix
2. 7 dida gin 2. 7 (measures) regular beer-mix
3.šè!-x 3. …
4. ù? é KU-RU-DA 4. 5 quarts [fine beer, 3 quarts porridge, 5] shekels onion,
5. ki Lú-kal-la-
lo.e. (Blank)/td>
5. from Lukalla,
rev. 6. kišib Ù-ma-ni 6. seal of Umani.
7. iti šu-numun
(seal impression)
Month of sowing, year the en-priestess of Nanna was chosen by the omens
8. mu en dNanna maš- e ì-pàd

Seal legend:
1. Ù-ma-ni 1. Umani,
2. dub - sar 2. scribe,
3. dumu Nam-a-ni 3. son of Namhani

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cuneiform inscription

cuneiform inscription

cuneiform inscription

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This tablet records the receipt of beer from Lukalla, and it was sealed by Umani, son of Namhani, who also sealed many other receipts for beer (see the list under seal no. 676.1 in R. Mayr’s catalogue, The Seal Impressions of Ur III Umma, Ph.D. thesis, Leiden, 1997, pp. 415-416). Little more can be said inasmuch as lines 3-4 remain uninterpretable.

* Measurements of seal impression:

  • height of seal impression – 19 mm.
  • height of seal legend – 16.5 mm.
  • width of seal legend – 7.5 mm.