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Cuneiform Collection - SMM 4

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Museum #: SMM 14/21 (14/4) Period: Ur III Dynasty
Publ. #: SET 135 Date: ca. 21st cen BCE
Acquired from: C. Ames, 1915 Provenience: Umma? (Jokha), Iraq Sumer-Southern Mesopotamia (view map)
Measurements: H 22, W 20, Th 12 mm Culture: Sumerian
Condition: Intact; baked Language: Sumerian
Description: Cuneiform tablet; undated receipt for small cattle

Transliteration: Translation:
obv. 1. 3 udu4 1-4. Three sheep, one lamb, (from?) Lugal-kiri, Dagi took in charge
2. 1 sila4
3. Lugal-giškiri6
4. Da-gi ì-
(reverse blank)

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cuneiform inscription


This tiny receipt in unusual in that it was inscribed only on the obverse, the reverse being left blank, and it bears no date. It is clearly an Ur III account record, but no direct evidence indicates what site it comes from. The information provided by the dealer, Edgar Banks, from whom C. Ames purchased this tablet, gives its provenience as Jokha, the site of ancient Umma, and individuals bearing the names Lugal-kiri and Dagi are attested in other tablets from Umma.