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2012 Annual Report

Letter from the President


As I write this letter, we've reached $31 million toward our $35 million Because Science is Essential campaign goal, thanks to your steadfast support.

You've invested in the Science Museum through your annual support, and many of you have made additional special gifts to the campaign. For that, we are grateful. Now, it's our turn to tell you about the return on that investment.

Time and again, we strive to use the gifts you've generously entrusted to us to deliver more than what's expected. Consider, for example, just two of the many ways we're bringing best practices for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education directly into the classroom:

  • Our teacher professional development programs are making a dramatic impact on closing the achievement gap. Participating schools report remarkable gains, in many cases doubling the number of students who meet or exceed science standards.
  • We're ensuring that the thrill of a field trip ties directly to classroom learning. In fact, our exhibitions and Science Live theater shows directly connect to more than 75% of the K-5 science standards.

Indeed, your investment pays big dividends in preparing the next generation. We know that our collective impact is building a better future for our community, our state and our world.

I'm reminded of a time when I was thinking about dropping out of college, and a faculty member encouraged me to reconsider. It was a critical moment, one that deeply impacted my life. Some time later, I thanked that person and was stunned to learn that he didn't even remember our conversation. My life had been forever altered, and the man responsible didn't know he was the catalyst.

I think the "a-ha" moments our visitors experience are like this. The full impact is often beyond measure, yet clearly profound.

We're delighted that 2.3 million people have been touched by our exhibits and films here at the museum or in cities across the globe. We're also excited about the one person in that 2.3 million who receives a spark of inspiration—one that leads to a new discovery, or a career in the sciences—that will change our world.

Twenty-five percent of electrical engineers say that a science museum inspired their career choice. Perhaps one of these future scientists will walk through our doors tomorrow. Or the person who plans our next mission to Mars may be sitting in the Omnitheater right now.

Everything you'll read about in this annual report and campaign update was made possible by your passion for sharing the gift of science. Thank you for making an investment with returns beyond what we ever could have imagined.


Eric J. Jolly

Dr. Eric J. Jolly,
President, Science Museum of Minnesota

P.S.: President Barack Obama has appointed me to be his representative to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). I'm honored and grateful for this opportunity, which allows the Science Museum to guide conversations about key issues facing cultural institutions.

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