2016 Annual Report: Community Partnerships | Science Museum of Minnesota

2016 Annual Report: Community Partnerships

Letter from Alison Rempel Brown

Dear Friends,

Alison Rempel BrownIt is with pride and excitement that I write this letter to you – my first as president of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

I come to Minnesota from the California Academy of Sciences. During my time there, I was part of the team that led the Academy through a nine-year transition that culminated with the opening of a trailblazing new facility in Golden Gate Park. I was drawn to lead our Science Museum because, like the Academy, it is an undeniably successful institution. Both owe their national reputations to their hardworking, creative staff, passionate supporters, and a network of community partners from which to draw inspiration, expertise, and valuable perspective. Together, they’ve accomplished a lot. Read on for a glimpse into the many ways the Science Museum has engaged our community in important, creative, and forward-thinking partnerships.

I see science as a great equalizer. We are all scientists – curious learners, people who ask questions, predict results, experiment, and draw conclusions based on those trials. From inquisitiveness comes discovery. Curiosity makes us who we are; we begin with wonder, yet we can lose that trait over time. At the Science Museum, we want to encourage it! I will lead the Science Museum of Minnesota with a commitment to creating and maintaining great partnerships that will allow us to show how we are more alike than different – and that science is at the heart of who we are as humans.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Andrea Walsh for her thoughtful and insightful leadership during her term as Board Chair. The Science Museum enters its next chapter in a position of strength thanks to Andrea’s guidance. We are grateful for her tireless dedication to our museum.

I’ve met some of you in my first months, and I look forward to meeting many more as we work together in advancing a museum that is a true treasure for our community and nation.

With gratitude,

Alison Brown

Alison Rempel Brown

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