Letter from Alison Rempel Brown

Being president of the Science Museum of Minnesota involves a lot of meetings.

That’s okay with me, because meetings turn ideas into action plans, issues into opportunities, and converge multiple viewpoints into a stronger vision.

My proudest moment of this past year occurred during a meeting.

It was the March 28 gathering of our Board of Trustees. On the agenda was a new Equity & Inclusion Position Statement that was 18 months in the making — and followed in the museum’s 111-year tradition of community-building.

That day, Equity & Inclusion joined Global Climate Change and Evolution as foundational Position Statements. These critical documents are much more than words on paper — they bring together the science and social justice that are the very scaffolding of this organization. Because for science to be at its best, we need everyone. That’s why equity and inclusion is at the top of our priority list. We’re loudly and proudly declaring that everyone—especially historically underrepresented individuals like women, people of color, and people with low income—has a voice and a seat at the table around important science conversations.

Not everyone needs to be a scientist, but everyone needs to know they can be. And we’re doing our part to make sure that happens. It means viewing our assumptions about how “it’s always been done” through a critical lens and changing what needs changing.

It means a different mix of technologies, events, and activities here at the museum and out in the community. It means really listening— and responding—to critiques. It means doing the hard work of looking inside ourselves and outside our comfort zones so every visitor and employee can fully and meaningfully participate in science and STEM education.

I’m proud to be part of this boldly forward-thinking team at the Science Museum of Minnesota. With your support, we’re expanding and nurturing the scientific community through innovation, equity, and inclusion

Thank you for being part of this vision,

Alison Brown

Alison Rempel Brown

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