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2014 Annual Report

Letter from the President

Dear friends,

In 2004, I took the helm of an organization that was poised for a great leap forward. We were about to devote ourselves to a new mission for a new century:

Turn on the science: realizing the potential of policy makers, educators, and individuals to achieve full civic and economic participation in the world.

We put that groundbreaking mission into action in myriad ways. We staged and toured the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibition and facilitated the conversations that it inspired. We provided high-quality professional development opportunities to thousands of science educators. We grew our Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center, influencing the lives and the career paths of the young people it serves. We were the first museum to include policy goals in our formal mission statement, laying the groundwork for a solid record of policy work that is unparalleled by any other museum.

Here we are in 2014, again poised for another great leap forward in making STEM learning accessible for everyone. Our focus hasn't changed. We're committed to leading our community and revitalizing our industry, to sparking curiosity in science, the essential literacy of our future, and to providing access to opportunities that will help the people we serve succeed.

Now we've challenged ourselves to become active participants in a national conversation about the importance of STEM learning to our nation's next leaders. Our newly unveiled mission statement holds us to this lofty, but clear goal:

Turn on the science: Inspire learning. Inform policy. Improve lives.

It is simplified and direct, but the core of our mission is the same. With this new mission we commit ourselves to taking a seat at the tables where discussions are shaping the way science is taught. By serving on the National Museum and Library Services Board, the National Academy of Science's expert panel on Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning, the National Academy of Engineering, and more, I am already lending our voice to these important discussions. I am leveraging this museum's capabilities and my own passion and expertise in Washington, D.C., paving the way for others to join us in deciding the course for STEM education across the United States and right here at home.

With your help, the Science Museum of Minnesota is providing science learning opportunities that inspire and improve lives. We will do our part to inform the policy decisions that will shape science education. We will give Minnesota the best, and our knowledge will inform the nation.

Thank you for your support.


Eric J. Jolly

Dr. Eric J. Jolly,
President, Science Museum of Minnesota

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