2016-2017 Annual Report

Letter from Alison Rempel Brown

Dear Friends,

Alison Rempel BrownOn a sunny day in April, I joined my colleagues and thousands of Minnesota families at the Kids Climate Rally on Kellogg Plaza. We came together because we know that science is critical to our nation’s future. We made signs supporting science, listened to inspiring stories from community members and young people from our Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center, danced, and celebrated the possibilities that science provides for each of us. Then, we departed the museum as a group and joined up with Minnesota’s March for Science. I was proud to represent the Science Museum at an event with such energy, enthusiasm, and hope for the future. We added our voice on the importance of science literacy in civic and economic engagement.

The March for Science festivities were among my favorite of this past year. They represent our commitment to be bold during a time of uncertainty in our nation. Today, science is more politicized than ever, making our work even more important. With your help, we engage curious minds, helping them see that they are the critically needed scientists of tomorrow.

We must show our young people - especially girls and youth of color - that they can succeed in STEM careers. We need every mind engaged in solving our world’s issues and addressing our workforce needs.

Inspiring curiosity and sharing the potential of science is at the heart of all we do. Our school programs reached students in all 87 counties of Minnesota. Students learned to use science to decode the past, engineer solutions to real-world problems, and build a sustainable future. Our growing access programs opened our museum experiences to families and individuals in whom we have historically under-invested, inviting people of all ages to envision their futures in science. Our ongoing research on watershed issues makes us a valued participant in an international dialogue about this beautiful, all-encompassing, and increasingly threatened resource.

After a 2017 bright with success and possibility, we move forward together with a renewed pledge to share our mission of science and education. Through the work that we do in our exhibit halls, our labs, our classrooms, and our outreach efforts, we will show our growing audiences that scientific progress strengthens our world by improving lives and building a better community – and that we all play a role. We do this because science is essential. Thank you for your support.

With gratitude,

Alison Brown

Alison Rempel Brown

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