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The Big Weather Experience

Air & Weather Guide

Air & WeatherExplorations—Air and Weather directs students to observe weather and weather patterns outdoors and using exhibits in the museum galleries. Take this guide to get the most of the weather exhibits as part of The Big Weather Experience.

The condition of air in a specific place at a certain time is called weather. Heat from the sun, air pressure, and moisture in the air mix together to create weather that is sunny, cloudy, windy, stormy or clear.

Climate and weather are not the same. A region's regular pattern of weather over an extended period of time is called climate. Weather often changes daily.

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How to use Explorations

Give chaperones copies of Explorations student pages and the chaperone page.

Add your own page(s). Connect with your own special unit. You can use just one page or all. Choose the ones which meet your needs best.

Components are not sequential. You can start anywhere in the exhibit.

If your time in the exhibits is limited, choose just a few stops. Don't try to rush your students to finish the Explorations suggestions. Some questions may leave students with more questions. Use these as the basis for after-trip discussions or group research.