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Splish and Splash
Science Live! Theater presentation

Meet Splish and Splash, and help them navigate their way through hydrologic cycle. The perfect complement to the Water exhibition, Splish and Splash provides a memorable look at the water cycle and offers helpful tips for things we can do to help protect and conserve our water supply.

Splish and Splash takes place on the Atrium Stage on level 3. Visit the Science Live! page to find the show time that best suits your schedule.

All Science Live Theater presentations are included in exhibit gallery admission.

Water Crew activities
Saturday afternoons through April 25, 2-4 p.m.

The Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center Water Crew is made up of teens from high schools around the St. Paul area. The crew first came together in 2007, focusing its efforts on outreach and interpretation activities around the topics of water science and stewardship. Today, some of the crew members have changed, but their mission is the same: to find and develop ways to help kids better understand the role that water plays in their lives, as well as the ways they can help protect it.

This winter and spring, the Water Crew brings their water science education efforts to the Water exhibition. On Saturday afternoons through the run of the exhibition, members of the Water Crew will lead you in activities they have developed, designed and built to help you explore water in your world:

Incredible Journey
In the Incredible Journey, visitors will learn how a water droplet goes through a long process of traveling place to place. They will learn about the water cycle by rolling a die and traveling to different places that a typical water drop will travel.

Sink or Float
In the sink or float activity visitors will learn why an object floats or sinks. Visitors will have a chance to test different objects and will be able to make their own boats our of clay.

Tap vs. Bottled
In the Tap vs. Bottled activity visitors will learn that bottled water is not always safer than tap water. They will take a taste test of bottled water and tap water to see if they can taste the difference. They will also see fun facts about the water that they use.

Aquatic Microorganisms
In the Aquatic Microorganisms activity, visitors will build and create a clay model of a euglena or paramecium. Visitors will learn the many parts of these creatures that distinguish them from humans. They will learn about the little things in life that many people don’t think about.

Water Crew activities are included in exhibit gallery admission.