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Collector's Corner

Natural Objects Traded Here!

Collectors' CornerHere's How...

  • Find an interesting object like a rock, fossil, skull, or pine cone.
  • Note the surroundings of your discovery. Be sure to write down where and when you found it.
  • Think about what it is, how it grew, what it ate, or why it's important.
  • Do some research and learn more about your specimen.

Bring it to the Collectors' Corner in the museum's Mississippi River Gallery

  • Tell the Collectors' Corner staff about your specimen.
  • Earn points for what you know.

tubsTrade Now or Trade Later

  • Open a Collectors' Corner account. We'll keep track of your points.
  • Trade with the points you earn immediately or save your points for a future trade.
  • You may trade two items per day.

Tips for Collectors

  • Take one or two and leave the rest. Don't over-collect.
  • Respect nature and private property.
  • Leave things as you found them.
  • Don't collect protected items.
  • Learn more about the items you collect.
  • Take along a small notebook to record your observations.