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Collections Gallery

The Collections Gallery includes a sampling of objects from the museum's collections.

Gallery Highlights

We Move and We Stay: This exhibit displays objects, old and new, which evoke a purpose and a story of the Dakota and Ojibwe people in a place now called Minnesota. Objects include both contemporary and traditional beadwork, dolls and a birch-bark canoe.Collections Gallery

Questionable Medical Devices: Inventions that claimed to cure any number of chronic diseases or treat psychological disorders, this exhibit includes a phrenology machine, and a vibratory chair.

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Collections Services
The mission of the Science Museum of Minnesota's Collections Services Department (Collections Management and Conservation) is to ensure the physical integrity of, protect and maintain the intellectual content for, and provide access to the collections and their documentation for museum staff, outside researchers, and the inquiring public.

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
The questionable medical devices in the Science Museum's Collections gallery were donated by Bob McCoy. McCoy was the curator of The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices in Minneapolis. After he retired the museum closed in 2002. To learn more about the devices and about Bob McCoy, visit the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices online.