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King Tut

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golden sandals
Funerary Sandals: A pair of golden sandals found on the feet of King Tut's mummy. This pair was made specifically for his burial. Their design imitates papyrus, which was a common material for sandals worn in daily life.

We've got a number of different activities and programs that take you deeper into the world of ancient Egypt and the life of King Tut. Science Museum Members receive great discounts on all programs. Check back here often as details will be posted and updated throughout the run of the King Tut exhibition.

King Tut Lectures

Our Thursday Evening Lecture Series features experts from around the world who will discuss the history, archaeology, and cultural impact of King Tut.

Science Museum Mummy

Inspired by the research involving King Tut's mummy, our own mummy underwent a CT scan at Children's Hospitals and Clinics. See what new information we learned about our old friend in the Collections Gallery, on Level 4. Admission to the museum's galleries are included in the purchase of a ticket to the King Tut exhibition.

The Curse of the Mummy?

Find out the truth behind the infamous curse of King Tut's tomb in this unique Science Live performance, running daily on the Atrium Stage, Level 3. Showtimes and descriptions are available on our Science Live Theater page. Free with admission to the museum's galleries.

King Tut Camp

Kids six to 12 can learn about King Tut and make a replica artifact from his tomb in our King Tut Camp held on various dates throughout the summer. For more information and to register visit our Youth & Family classes.

Making a Minnesota Mummy

Check out our chicken mummy—Nefertweety. She was prepared in much the same way that the ancient Egyptians mummified dead people and animals. Watch photo and video updates of the mummification process at work.