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Why We Partner with the Science Museum

Why We Partner with the Science Museum

Flint Hills Resources

Flint Hills ResourcesInnovation and discovery are the products of curious minds nurtured by science education. This is why Flint Hills Resources is proud to support the Science Museum of Minnesota. We recognize the value science education brings to business and industry as well as to our kids and community. Thanks to important advancements in technology and the development of cleaner burning fuels, we have been able to meet growing energy needs while reducing emissions. At Flint Hills Resources, we believe our potential to solve today's challenges is limited only by our imaginations. We salute the Science Museum of Minnesota for inspiring all of us to think this way.

Heather Rein, Manager, Community Investment, Flint Hills Resources

U.S. Bank

U.S. BankU.S. Bank is dedicated to supporting organizations that provide unique educational opportunities and leading-edge programs to our community. Having high-quality arts, entertainment and educational experiences available in Minnesota contributes to making our community vibrant and healthy. People of all ages can learn to explore their world through the Science Museum of Minnesota's programs and exhibits. The museum offers a creative way to bring the community together through science, and U.S. Bank is proud to help the Science Museum accomplish that.

Leslie Berkshire, Corporate Marketing, U.S. Bank


MedtronicAt Medtronic and around the world, innovation is transforming life for millions of people living with chronic disease—yet there is so much more to do. We know that global access to quality health care for all is dependent upon the next generation of scientific innovators. For that reason, the Medtronic Foundation is committed to engaging students in science. Working with the world-class staff of the Science Museum of Minnesota, our commitment is brought to life in blockbuster exhibits, such as BODY WORLDS and Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination and through everyday outreach programs and museum visits. Together, we reach thousands of students, ensuring that science is understood as more than a school subject, but a way of life.

David Etzwiler, Vice President of Community Affairs, Medtronic, and Executive Director, Medtronic Foundation


TargetEducation is at the heart of Target's giving. Since 1946, Target has given 5 percent of its income—which today equates to more than $3 million a week—to the communities it serves. As part of its commitment to education, Target works closely with organizations like the Science Museum of Minnesota to design solutions that help students reach their full potential. For more information about Target's commitment to education, visit

Tracey Burton, Community Relations, Target


3M3M's support of the Science Museum of Minnesota stems from the company's commitment to math and science education. The hands-on exhibits help stimulate a lifelong interest in science. 3M and its employees are proud to support an organization with a proven track record of creating excitement about science.

Cindy Kleven, Community Affairs, 3M