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Corporate Support

Corporate SupportBuilding a future workforce. Supporting the Science Museum of Minnesota helps ensure a quality science education for all students. Studies show most entry-level jobs in the next decade will require a basic level of science literacy. Careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematic fields are growing faster than other fields, and even during the current recession those careers earned 26% higher salaries and experienced lower unemployment. And we're helping diversify the field, too. 65% of female and minority engineers and scientists report visits to science museums as an important influence in nurturing their interest in science. Our programs, from early childhood to young adult internships, contribute to an educated, curious, and equipped workforce for future generations.

Building your customer base. Corporate philanthropy builds the reputation of your business and invests in our community. Research shows that companies, large and small, that donate to causes are perceived better and have more social goodwill, both by employees and by customers. Strategically support your business objectives, increase your employee engagement and loyalty, and cultivate a socially responsible brand by partnering with the Science Museum.

Corporate SupportHave fun. In addition to the intangible advantages of supporting the Science Museum, corporate donors have the ability to receive museum benefits, such as admission passes, invitations to special events, corporate volunteer activities and other unique opportunities.

Corporate Partner Gift Levels and Benefits


Sponsorship at the Science Museum of Minnesota is good business. By sponsoring a Science Museum event or program, you'll reach unique, specific populations and affiliate yourself with a 105-year-old institution that continually works to educate, strengthen and enrich the community. The Science Museum has the ability to serve multiple marketing purposes through flexibility of benefits—hospitality, employee appreciation, marketing reach, special promotions, and more. We have sponsorship opportunities of all sizes for businesses of all sizes. In addition, you'll be supporting the Science Museum's science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educational programs. The Science Museum of Minnesota can craft flexible sponsorship opportunities with the ability to meet your marketing objects to ensure a strong return for your business.

Premier and Promotional Partners

Our Premier and Promotional Partners programs offer blue-chip, leading edge companies the opportunity to tap the sales and marketing power of the Science Museum of Minnesota. The museum's audience demographic is dynamic, well-educated and quick to embrace new technologies and opportunities. In conjunction with a complete benefits menu and dedicated staff support and service, Premier Partners have the tools to create powerful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Corporate Partner Gift Levels and Benefits

Recognition on Science Museum lobby donor wall and Annual Report
Coupons for discounted Museum admission
Admission passes to exhibits and Omnitheater
Invitations to special events
Employee discount on Science Museum memberships
Personalized behind-the-scenes curator-led tours
Additional customized benefits as appropriate

For more information, contact:

Jon Severson, Director of Corporate and Government Relations
(651) 221-9499,

Sara Spiess, Corporate and Government Relations Specialist
(651) 265-9813,

Bev Schilleman, Corporate Relations Associate
(651) 221-9408,