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The MN Orchestra in Rehearsal

To use a Quicktime VR image, click (and hold ) on the image and move your mouse.

The sounds in this panorama are of the Minnesota Orchestra playing composer Paul Dukas' "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", based on the Goethe ballad Der Zauberlehrling, which most people know from the Disney movie Fantasia.

cursor icon We have links to RealAudio sounds inside this image-- when the cursor turns to a globe , just click to open the sound.

Each one of these links is a small clip of music.

You can also go directly to the audio links:

  • Bassoon - listen, do you think it sound like the music of walking?
  • Clarinet - listen, when compared to the contrabassoon above, do the clarinets sound more 'assured' to you?
  • Cymbals - usually cymbals don't play too often in a piece- what do you think is happening?
  • Flute - listen, do high pitched sounds make you think of small things or big things? Light or heavy?
  • Glockenschpiel - listen, would the flutes alone convey the same sense of playfulnes without the brightness of the glockenschpiel's notes?
  • Harp pluck - listen, the space between the notes is as important as the notes. Does it make you feel calm?
  • Timpani - listen below the clarinets- can you hear the low drum?
  • Triangle - listen, could this be the sound of a water droplet?
  • Trumpets - compare this to the bassoon - the first on this list-which plays the same notes. Does the trumpet make the mood more or less tense?
  • Viola - listen, toward the end of this passage, does the viola's solitary voice make you think of things calming down?
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