Sound Site: Requirements

The main information on this site can be viewed with any web broswer. In order to participate completely in submission of sound files and view/listen to multimedia, your computer should be equipped with:


a sound card

external speakers with volume control


Windows 95 or greater or Mac OS 7 or greater

Netscape Navigator 4.05 or greater OR

Internet Explorer 4.01 or greater

Browser Plug-ins

MicroWorlds Plug-in (free download)

QuickTime 3 Plug-in (free download)

Real Audio Plug-in (free download)

Note: These links send you to the software developers page. Clicking these links will not start downloading the software.

Netscape Navigator Win 14 MB Mac 14 MB
Internet Explorer Win 40-47 MB Mac 8-12 MB
QuickTime 3 Plug-in Win 7MB Mac 8 MB
MicroWorlds Plug-in Win 200 KB Mac 200 KB
Real Audio Plug-in Win 2 MB Mac 2 MB
WorldView (VRML browser) Win 4 MB Mac 4 MB

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