About the Concerts

In March of 1999, the Minnesota Orchestra performed a new work (recently composed and never before performed) by composer Libby Larsen and writer John Coy that explored the nature of sounds in the environment and the ways these sounds can be incorporated into a work of art.
Libby and John had help from students in creating the symphonic work! The third and fourth-graders at four Minnesota schools helped John and Libby "collect" sounds about beauty, quiet and din. Some of these sounds will be used in the final piece. The work unfolds in six different sections (called "movements"), taking its audience on a journey from quiet tranquility (listen for a muted trumpet sound) to chaotic din, and playful moments of audience participation. Even the name of the work invites participation. It asks, "What Would You Call This Piece?".
This concert is a collaboration between the Minnesota Orchestra and the Minnesota Science Museum. Guest conductor Michael Christie conducted the performances.
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