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You need Netscape Navigator to upload a file to the sound site. Navigator is a World Wide Web browser. If the logo in the right hand corner of the program you are using to view this web page looks like this, you are using Navigator. If you don't have it, you can download it from the Netscape web site. Ask your teacher or parent for help.
You can also call us at 651.221.2523 or e-mail us for help.

Finding files in Windows 95 and Windows 98

First, go to your start menu on the bottom of your screen and press the start button.
it looks like this -->
Press it and then go to Find/ Find Files or Folders
Now type in the filename, if you remember it, or type in *.wav to find all of the sound files on your computer.

If you find the file name that you want to rename and upload to this site, first click twice quickly on the filename to open it. Once it is open, you can go to FILE> SAVE AS and rename it. It is best if you save it in a location where you always save files for the sound project on the computer you are using so you can find it again easily.

"OK, I think I've got it, I want to go back to adding a sound."

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