Have you wondered how we hear sounds?

In this lesson, make a model eardrum to help you find out. You will also learn about taking care of your ears.
Stretch the sheet of thin rubber over the cup and secure it with a rubber band. Now pull the edges of the rubber square so that it fits as tightly as possible.
Place a pinch of salt or sand or tiny bits of paper on the model eardrum and use a noisemaker close to, but not on, the surface of the model. What happens to the salt or sand or bits of paper on the model? What do you think is causing the model eardrum to vibrate.
Move the noisemaker closer to the model eardrum. What do you notice? What do you notice when the noisemaker is far away?
Make a poster about the importance of taking good care of your ears. Share this poster with others in your home or school.
Use your library or the Internet to find out how people from different cultures use drums to communicate.
Have you ever seen anyone use sign language? Find more information about how people use sign language to talk when they cannot hear.
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