Science of Sound: Hands On Activities


We did activities about sound in our classroom that you can do too. You can print out these activities and then do them offline. Be sure to check out what materials you may need. Most materials can be found easily in your home or school.
Making Sound With Nails
Vibrations Through Wood and Metal
Making Sound With Rulers Rulers
Designing a Reed Instrument Straws
Making a Model Eardrum
Slinky Soundwaves
Making Sounds with String
Changing Pitch by Changing Tension
Hangers on a String

Air and Strings: Human Vocal Cords
Balloons: vibrations through air

vocal cords

More Activities

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Many of these hands on activities are reprinted with permission and are copyrighted by The National Academy of Sciences. They come from the book Sound: A Student Activity Book, ISBN 0-892780745-7 by NSRC/STC ( National Science Resources Center / Science & Technology for Children ) published by Carolina Biological Supply Company, 2700 York Road, Burlington, NC 27215. Call toll free 800-334-5551. Other activities are from The Science of Sound and Music, an educator's handbook prepared by the Science Museum of Minnesota with support from The Medtronic Foundation.

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