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Shallow Lakes

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Although not explicitly part of the grant proposal, or mandated by NSF, these "shallow lakes babies" were born to project personnel; further demonstrating that shallow lakes are indeed productive. It was obvious that the next generation of NSF Ecosystems researchers had arrived when little Emma Zimmer and Fiona Hobbs got into a heated top-down versus bottom-up debate at the last project barbeque.

Maja Theissen

Baby Theissen(K.M. Theissen and I. Theissen 2011)

Emma Zimmer

Baby Zimmer(K.D. Zimmer and S. Zimmer 2011)

Fiona Hobbs

Baby Hobbs(W.O. Hobbs and J.M. Ramstack Hobbs 2011)

Jackson Domine

Baby Domine(L.M. Domine and B. Domine 2012)