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2009 Gulf Guardian Award Winner

2009 Gulf Guardian Award Winner

EPA Honors Research and Education with 2009 Gulf Guardian Award

2009 Gulf Guardian Award
l to r: Dr. Harold Leggett, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Dr. Jane Watson, Associate Director, Water Quality Protection Division, U.S. EPA Region 6 in Dallas, Engstrom, and Bryon Griffith, Director, Gulf of Mexico Program, US EPA

The Research Station and the Science Museum of Minnesota were awarded the Gulf Guardian Award by the Environmental Protection Agency, recognizing both research and educational efforts focused on the Mississippi River. The awards recognize and honor the businesses, community groups, individuals and agencies that are taking positive steps towards keeping the Gulf of Mexico healthy and productive.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) nominated the museum and research station for the award. The MPCA wished to recognize the Research Station for its 14-plus years of innovative research on long-term changes in water quality in the upper Mississippi River. The Gulf Guardian nomination also applauded the Science Museum for its efforts to spread the word about that research and other water conservation and environmental stewardship issues to its audiences—both local and nationwide.

"We are so pleased to be recognized by the EPA," says Research Station Director Daniel Engstrom. "We know that the research that takes place at our facility in Minnesota has far-reaching effects—down the length of the Mississippi River and worldwide. We are grateful that the EPA has acknowledged the importance of our research, and we're honored to be given this award for work that happens nearly 2,300 miles from the Gulf of Mexico."

Engstrom accepted the Gulf Guardian Award for the Science Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi on Thursday, October 29.

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