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The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Saint John's Bible

The Saint John's Bible exhibition has concluded its run at
the Science Museum of Minnesota.

At the conclusion of The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition, which showcases the oldest-known hand-scribed record of the Hebrew Bible, you'll see The Saint John's Bible, which represents history's newest hand-written illustrated Bible. A work of art that illuminates the world today, it's the first complete, handwritten and illuminated Bible to be commissioned in 500 years. It uses ancient techniques—it's written on calf-skin vellum with quills, natural handmade inks, hand-ground pigments and gold leaf—to present themes, images and technology of the 21st century. The result is a project that has monumental artistic and spiritual significance for our time. And it originated right here in Minnesota.

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The Saint John's Bible

The Garden of Desire, Donald Jackson, 2006. The Song of Solomon is a lyrical love poem. The artistic interpretation of this passage reflects the passion in the text and artistic director Donald Jackson's appreciation for ancient inspiration.