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Performance Descriptions

Performance Descriptions

Show times and locations vary from day to day, so check at the box office when you arrive for a complete schedule. If you are planning a Field Trip you can inquire when calling to book your trip.

As the Worm Turns
Grab a remote and tune into a short comedy about biomimicry, the science of imitating nature.
This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Cryogenics - The Big Chill
Join us in this demonstration of its chilling feats and freezing cold temperatures.

Dating Dinosaurs
Learn how scientists determine the age of rocks and fossils in this short comedy about geochronology.
This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Destination Outer Space
Put on your moon boots and experience an action-packed demonstration exploring the obstacles and challenges of a journey to space.

Fermentation Demonstration - by Michael Ritchie & Richard Rousseau
Investigate the chemistry and history of beer.

Fire Triangle
Join us for a live combustion demonstration where we explore the roles of heat, oxygen and fuel in different types of fires.

Free Fall
Explore various theories on air resistance and acceleration, while watching objects fall from 50 feet in the air.

Goldie's Bears
Goldie needs help looking for all the different kinds of bears in the world—all 8 major species.

Great Balls of Fire and Other Chemistry Experiments
Witness chemical reactions and learn about science on the nanoscale.

How Animals Walk
Explore the different ways that animals move.

Invisibility Cloaks, Flying Cars and Space Elevators - Oh My!
Travel through time to examine current technologies that were predicted in the past, and emerging technologies that are almost a reality.

Me, Myself and Microbes - written by the Museum of Science, Boston
Did you know you are not alone? 100 trillion bacteria live in your body. Join us to find out how scientists are studying the human microbiome in search of cures for diseases.

Meta the Monarch
Meta the butterfly puppet has a lot on her mind and she could use your help as she learns about the process of metamorphosis and monarch migration.

Questionable Medical Devices
Can you spot the quack? Investigate the health claims of both old and new health care products.

Race to the Finish Line
Join us for a thought-provoking performance that complements the RACE exhibition. This 15-minute play focuses on two close colleagues who find their friendship begin to fracture as they start to discuss the topic of race.

Sound All Around
Preschoolers, join us for this noisy demonstration and explore the sound all around you.

Splish and Splash
Choose your own adventure with our water droplets, Splish and Splash, and explore the many ways in which humans use water in this comedic performance.

The Way the Ball Bounces - written by Holly W. Kerby of Fusion Science Theatre
Participate in the scientific process! In this comedic performance, we will ask a question, hypothesize, experiment, model, and demonstrate our results.