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Featured Items

Featured Items

Gyotaku Fish Printing SetGyotaku Fish Printing Set
Everything you need to introduce an entire classroom to the art of gyotaku! Gyotaku is Japanese: gyo "fish" + taku "rubbing," a traditional form of fish printing or rubbing from the 19th century. Fishermen would use gyotaku to make a record of their catches. The kit contains: blue gill, carp, flounder, trout, perch, freshwater drum, six foam brayers, ink mixing trays, and complete instructions including the history of Gyotaku and background information on each fish. This kit can be used with any age group as a hands-on way to learn about different fish, with a corresponding art element.

bottle rocket launcherBottle Rocket Launcher
With this solid, durable metal launcher equipped with a simple triggering mechanism, and using an ordinary bicycle pump, you can turn almost any plastic soda bottle into a rocket with water as the propellant. Students can vary the fin size and placement, vary the water level and air pressure, measure rocket altitude with the included paper astrolabe, and even loft a full-size soccer ball with this investigation of the conservation of action and reaction momentum.

static geneconStatic Genecon
Static Genecon is a great demonstration instrument designed to allow teachers and students to conduct a variety of electrostatic experiments. By simply rotating the Static Genecon handle, students can generate more than 10,000V of energy.

angiosperm flower modelAngiosperm Flower Model
Each of the eight parts of the flower model is enlarged 10 times, and represents unique structural components, such as the sepals, petals, stamens, and pistil. Fertilization is shown, including the scenario for double fertilization. The model is mounted on a base and comes with a teacher's guide and a key, identifying 28 structures. Size: 16"L x 21"W x 10"H.

working bee modelWorking Bee Model
The Apis mellifica model is enlarged 25 times its size, which enables students to observe the anatomy in explicit detail. The model comes in three parts, held together on a stand with a base.

microscope with digital cameraMicroscope with Digital Camera
TRAINING IS REQUIRED BEFORE CHECKOUT. SEE SCIENCE HOUSE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS. The Leica DME compound microscope is medical school-grade, and designed for general biology and specific life science applications. The added use of the digital camera will enable the instructor to collect classroom data, and project it during lecture or into a database the students can access on class websites!

Using Forensics: Wildlife Crime SceneUsing Forensics: Wildlife Crime Scene!
With Forensics: Wildlife Crime Scene!, your students investigate an actual crime, learn the science behind animal-species identification, and find out about efforts to fight real-world threats against wild animals. The book is designed to be engaging for both you and your student-detectives. It provides a high-interest, real-life format for learning a variety of scientific concepts and skills that correlate with the Standards.