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Science House:  A Resource Center for Educators

What is Science House?

Science HouseScience House: A Resource Center for Educators is a place where educators can check out classroom sets of hands-on materials for their students, engage in formal and informal consultation and professional development, and discuss education issues with friends and colleagues in a comfortable and creative environment.

You can search our catalog below. Note: In order to make a reservation, you will need to email or call (651) 221-4563. You cannot reserve items through the catalog.

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Members of Science House can...

  • Borrow a complete set of skulls for a comparative anatomy inquiry lesson with students.
  • Talk with a geologist, biologist, chemist, engineer, or mathematician about concepts that are interesting or confusing.
  • Try out a telescope on our front deck, and then check it out and bring it camping with students.
  • Learn about how Minnesota's Academic Standards in Science and Mathematics align with the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Math and ELA Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Borrow sets of these books to share with colleagues at school.
  • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and grade papers.
  • Meet a colleague from another school or district to review a lesson plan.
  • Consult with a professional development specialist about how to integrate more mathematics into an upcoming science unit.
  • Attend a workshop series.
  • And much, much more.

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