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The Teacher Professional Development Group is available to work with your school or district staff during school year professional development days. We are beginning to talk with schools and districts about summer 2015 contracts. Summer institute weeks fill up quickly. For more information, please contact us at

PALS: Principals and Leaders in Schools

teachers with an experimentPALS is an initiative for principals and their school leaders. PALS is dedicated to addressing racial, class, ability, and gender-based achievement disparities in STEM education in Minnesota. School leaders are selected by principals who attended our Summer Institute for principals, so that the principal and teachers can work together to improve access in equity in their school.

PALS is a fee-based program and the application process is competitive. Contact for more information.

Goals for PALS:

  • Developing a Distributed Leadership Community: PALS seeks to increase and deepen the distribution of relevant expertise and resources within schools to improve instruction across all classrooms. PALS provides professional development designed to support teacher leaders in engaging those around them to build their own distributed leadership communities in which every member contributes to the collective responsibility for the achievement of each and every STEM learner.
  • Creating a Foundation for STEM Equity: STEM investigations, discussions, and readings are designed around the PAGE Framework for Access and Equity in STEM Education. Developed by the Science House team with funding from the National Science Foundation, Framework-based PD addresses access and beliefs; pedagogy and curriculum; the nature and culture of STEM; the role of student, teacher, and community identity; and systems-change.
  • Effecting Change: Our expectation is that PALS participants will work with their principals to adapt, refine, and implement Framework-based strategies and professional development resources with teachers in ways that are highly context-specific, influence policy and teaching practice, and ultimately promote the achievement of each and every student in STEM.

Visit our Professional Development Philosophy & Mission page to learn more about our approaches.