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Energy Connections

Energy ConnectionsEver wonder how much energy it takes to power a light bulb? Students will find out by becoming the source of energy, using a pedal bike generator! They'll learn how we use energy in our daily lives and where this energy comes from. Through dynamic demonstrations, our instructors encourage students to use energy wisely.

Program Options: Energy Connections is available as a large group assembly.

Residency Option

TIME: 50 minutes

Adding individual classroom sessions to our Energy Connections assembly creates a unique Energy Connections residency at your school.

GRADE: Class sessions are designed for students in grades K-5.



In these in-depth classroom sessions, students will...

  • Electricity Users at Home - Grades K-2
    Find out what happens when coal is turned into electricity and travels to our homes. How quickly do you think this resource can be consumed?
  • Energy Conservers - Grades K-5
    Use hand-crank generators and light boards to generate ideas about how to conserve energy!
  • Energy Transfers - Grades 3-5
    Construct a windmill machine that uses the energy of moving air to lift a basket.
  • Energy Has Potential - Grades 3-5
    Use sunflower seeds, small balls, and graduated cylinders to make energy's potential visible!
  • Energy in Foods - Grades 3-5
    How much energy is stored in food? Using a controlled experiment, students will burn sample foods to heat water.

For detailed class descriptions, download our Energy Connections Residency Curriculum.

Request a Program

To make your reservation, fill out the Request a Program Form. You may also email or call (651) 221-4748 or (800) 221-9444 ext. 4748.

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