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Crime Lab Science

Crime Lab ScienceSomeone has stolen a top-secret cola recipe! Your students must find out who before they sell it to a rival company. In this residency, they'll use the evidence and their knowledge to transform into forensic scientists. They'll collect, process, analyze and review evidence to come up with the culprit. This exciting "Who Done It" adventure is sure to engage your whole school. NOTE: This residency requires an opening assembly to set up the crime and a closing assembly to have the large group hear reports from all classes determine who committed the crime.

Program Options: Crime Lab Science is available only as an in-depth residency.

Residency Option

: 50 minutes

Adding individual classroom sessions creates a unique Crime Lab residency at your school.

GRADE: Class sessions are designed for students in grades K-5.



In these in-depth classroom sessions, students will...

  • Chromatography - Grades K-2
    Water sticks to itself and to surfaces. Students will use this phenomenon to analyze water-based ink from different pens.
  • Tracking Down Tracks - Grades K-2
    Make prints of their own shoes and find out what makes their tracks unique!
  • Handwriting Analysis - Grades 3-5
    Student forensic scientists will analyze handwriting of different suspects to help identify the guilty party.
  • Fingerprinting - Grades 3-5
    Learn about the history of fingerprinting, the structure of fingerprints, and the uniqueness of individual fingerprints.
  • Chemical Analysis - Grades 3-5
    Analyze four chemicals to determine their physical and chemical properties and compare them to samples found at the crime scene!
  • Hair and Fibers Microscope - Grades 3-5
    Match crime scene fibers to samples taken from the suspects.
  • DNA Lab - Grades 3-5
    Act as forensic scientists to collect a DNA sample and learn how each person has their own unique code.

For detailed class descriptions, download our Crime Lab Residency Curriculum.

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