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Program Costs

Assembly Pricing

First Program $325
Second Program $275
Third Program $275

Note: additional fees may apply.

For multiple school bookings on the same day, please call for details and special rates.

Festival Assembly Pricing

One Festival Program Day includes up to 4 assemblies*, mileage and per diem costs.

Program Day, per Instructor $1,100
*Additional Assemblies $275

Residency Pricing

Opening Assembly $250
Class Session $125/hour

Note: additional fees may apply.

Residency Field Day Pricing

One Field Day includes 1 assembly and up to 6 rotation sessions.

Field Day $850

Note: additional fees may apply.

Additional Fees

At times, additional fees will be applied. Contact our Registration Team for more details.

      Less than 60 miles $0
      61-150 miles $50
      151-225 miles $100
      More than 225 miles $150
Eligible sites may have access to limited support funds for mileage. Please call for further information.
      Per Diem Fee, per Instructor $140

Note: Per Diem fees will apply for all sites outside of the designated Metro Region outside of Regional Tour dates. Per Diem may apply in the Metro Region depending upon program needs of the site.