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WaterDiscover water's long history as it moves and cycles around our planet. Water is an essential resource for life on Earth and is in fixed supply. Humans use fresh water for many purposes, but pollution can render it unavailable and unsuitable for use. Your students will become stewards of water by learning ways to preserve this key element in our lives.

NOTE: The Water program uses latex; please let us know if you have latex allergies in your school so we may adapt our materials accordingly.

Program Options: Water is available as either a large group assembly or an in-depth residency.

Assembly Option

ASSEMBLY MAX: 250 students
TIME: 50 minutes
GRADE: Grades 3-5



  • Water is an essential resource for life on Earth.
  • Water moves and cycles around our planet.
  • Freshwater, limited in supply, is used by people for many purposes.
  • Water can be depleted or polluted, becoming unavailable or unsuitable for life.


Earth and Space Science - Identify where water collects on Earth, including atmosphere, ground and surface water, and describe how water moves through the Earth system using the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. - Describe how the methods people utilize to obtain and use water in their homes and communities can affect water and supply. - Identify renewable and non-renewable energy and material resources that are found in Minnesota and described how they are used.

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