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EngineeringWe live in a designed world—engineered solutions can be seen everywhere. From high speed trains to gloves that insulate from heat and cold, to transporting water in drought-laden areas of our world—engineers are identifying needs, designing and testing solutions. Through engaging and interactive presentations, our presenters will explore what engineers do, what inspires them and why it is important.

Program Options: Engineering is available only as a large group assembly.

Assembly Option

ASSEMBLY MAX: 250 students
TIME: 50 minutes
GRADE: Grades 3-5



  • Engineers design solutions (products, processes, and systems) to meet human needs and wants
  • Engineering design is a systematic and iterative approach that includes:
    • Understanding and defining problems (criteria & constraints),
    • Developing and Testing potential solutions,
    • Determining the optimum solution (given the criteria and constraints)
  • People live in a designed world in which technology and society affect each other and the natural world


The Nature of Science and Engineering - Men and women throughout the history of all cultures, including Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities, have been involved in engineering design and scientific inquiry. - Tools and mathematics help scientists and engineers see more, measure more accurately, and do things that they could not otherwise accomplish. - Engineers design, create, and develop structures, processes, and systems that are intended to improve society and make people more productive. - Engineering design is the process of identifying problems, developing multiple solutions, selecting the best possible solution, and building the product. - The needs of any society influence the technologies that are developed and how they are used.

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