RACE: Are We So Different?

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RACE: Are We So Different? has concluded its run at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Bring your group to the Talking Circle
The Science Museum invites groups to attend RACE and stay afterward for a discussion on the exhibit and on race and racism in our communities. Talking Circles are group conversations about challenging subjects, led by a trained facilitator (the circle-keeper). A private space adjacent to the exhibit hall has been designated as the Talking Circle Room. LEARN MORE

Science Live Theater programs
The Science Live Theater staff have developed original live theater presentations to complement the RACE exhibit:

Race to the Finish Line: Two close friends who met in college and share an apartment together, find their friendship begin to fracture as they start to discuss the topic of race. This 15-minute play should prompt us all to consider how race impacts our lives. You may find yourself talking about this after the curtain goes down.

Dr. Charles Drew: Dr. Charles Drew speaks about his pioneering research into blood plasma research and the prejudices he faced in pursuing it.

In addition, Science Live actors will perform Voices, a piece written by Twin Cities area high school students in collaboration with professional playwright Stacey Parshall. The students' experiences and opinions about race and racism will be crafted into a script that will be performed in the dark, allowing audiences to focus only on the voices and the stories. Voices will open in mid-February and continue through the run of the RACE exhibit. Show times are as follows: Friday and Saturday, 7 and 8 p.m., Sunday, 1 and 2 p.m.

Meet Your Metaphor: Penumbra Theatre's RACE Workshops
In conjunction with the RACE exhibit, Penumbra Theatre Company invites you to participate in an active and creative forum for dialogue and discussion around issues raised by the exhibit. Facilitators use theatrical techniques to encourage participants to question, constructively criticize, and problem-solve. By sharing experiences, participants empower one another and discover universal truths through the specificity of their own lives. LEARN MORE


The increasing visibility of 'mixed race' and multiracial individuals challenges popularly held notions of race, racial classification and racial identity, and renders them suspect. - Michael Omi, sociologist

www.understandingRACE.org - official website of the RACE: Are We So Different? project
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