RACE: Are We So Different?


RACE Family Guide
Download the RACE Family Guide (PDF | 238 KB)

We hope that the RACE exhibit will supplement the important conversations about race that are already occurring in schools, in the media, in the public and the private sectors, and around our own dinner tables.

Look around.
Even very small children notice that people look different. These differences have offered us strength, community and identity. However, these same differences have also been the historical basis for discrimination and oppression.

Scientific understanding of human variation is beginning to challenge "racial" differences, and even question the very concept of race. We invite you to explore these ideas as you experience the RACE exhibit.

Important information to know:

  • No matter your color or background, RACE will give you an opportunity to examine yourself and how you see others.
  • The RACE exhibit examines the topic from scientific, historical and cultural perspectives.
  • Because it's never too early to have conversations about race, this exhibit is for the whole family, but since there is a lot of reading, middle school and older students will enjoy it most. To best include the youngest family members, please see the Questions to Discuss section of the Family Guide.


Facing RaceBuilding on its long track record of work in diversity and inclusiveness, The Saint Paul Foundation is launching an initiative called Facing Race We're All In This Together™. Facing Race is a multi-year campaign aimed at positively changing the nature of personal, organizational and institutional relationships and is focused on the Minnesota counties of Dakota, Ramsey and Washington. www.FacingRace.org


Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. - James Baldwin, author

www.understandingRACE.org - official website of the RACE: Are We So Different? project
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