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Monographs of the Science Museum of Minnesota

The Lepidosaurian Reptile Champsosaurus in North America, by Bruce R. Erickson, 1972, Vol. 1: Paleontology, pages 1-91, 65 figures, 2 tables.

Osteology of the Early Eusuchian Crocodile Leidyosuchus formidabilis, Sp. Nov., by Bruce R. Erickson, 1976, Vol. 2: Paleontology, pages 1-61, 36 figures, 2 tables.

The Estuarine Crocodile Gavialosuchus carolinensis n.sp. (Crocodylia: Eusuchia) From the late Oligocene of South Carolina, North America, by Bruce R. Erickson and Glen T. Sawyer, 1996, Vol. 3: Paleontology, pages 1-47, 30 figures, 3 tables.

Paleopathology of the Paleocene Crocodile Leidyosuchus (Borealosuchus) formidabilis, by Glen T. Sawyer and Bruce R. Erickson, 1998, Vol. 4: Paleontology, pages 1-38, 17 figures, 6 tables.