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Planned Giving - Leonardo Fibonacci

Who is Fibonacci?

FibonacciFibonacci was the nickname of the great 13th century Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. His book on arithmetic, The Liber Abaci (1202), was a standard work for 200 years and is still considered the best book written on arithmetic.

He is best remembered for introducing a mathematical sequence in which each new number is the addition of the two previous numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,...). The Fibonacci sequence appears in certain natural organisms, some of the most well known examples being the Nautilus shell and the head of a sunflower. To learn more about the Fibonacci Sequence in nature, please watch this short video: Fibonacci In Nature.

Like the Fibonacci sequence, the Science Museum grows with each person who joins our community, whether through membership, volunteering, or donor support. The beauty of our collaboration unfolds the more we add together. Contact us to share in our growth.