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Real Pirates

Visit Tips

model ship
Visitors will see a model of the Whydah and learn about her history, then have an opportunity to climb aboard a life size partial re-creation.
Visit on YOUR schedule

Avoid th' stress 'o last-minute details 'n get into th' exhibition faster. Make advance reservations to choose the best time for you and skip the box office line at the museum. We've expanded our hours and capacity to accommodate more time slots. Tickets are available.

Brin' ye camera!

Capture the memories of your high seas adventure! When else will you be able to see pirate treasure that was last touched by real pirates?

Non-flash photography IS permitted in Real Pirates. Snap away...and then share your photos with us!

Leave yer weapons at home

Let's keep th' exhibition orderly! Leave yer swords, muskets and daggers in yer vessel, please. Weapons—toy, replica, or otherwise—are not permitted in the Science Museum.

Relax! Weekdays be quieter

Schedule your visit for non-peak times—evenings after 5 p.m. During the run of Real Pirates the museum is open every day until 9:30 p.m. with a last entry time to the exhibition of 7:45 p.m.

Balance yer budget and save yer doubloons!

Become a member to save big. Membership includes free phone reservations, free Omnitheater films, and lower prices on tickets.

We also have special deals for:

Avoid bein' rushed

Adding the Under the Sea or The Living Sea Omnitheater film to your Real Pirates ticket package? See the film before you visit the exhibition so you're not rushed through Real Pirates to make your showtime.

Avast! Plan fer parking

Check our directions and parking to plan your route and see current parking rates. Be aware of days when event parking rates are in place.

Make it easier for yerself! Dine in fer convenience

The museum provides three dining options on site. Add a meal to your visit without having to worry about dinner reservations.