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Real Pirates

Thomas South

Thomas SouthThomas South was a carpenter onboard the St. Michael, a ship sailing out of Bristol, when Captain Bellamy took it in the winter of 1716. Just like Thomas Davis, another carpenter onboard the St. Michael, it seems that South was forced into piracy due to his training. On the day the Whydah sank, South and six other pirates in Bellamy's crew were aboard another ship, the Mary Anne. All seven men survived the storm; however, they were soon captured by the authorities and put on trial for piracy. South was the only one of the seven to be found innocent of the charges, and later went on to testify at Davis' trial (he was also found innocent of piracy).

Whether or not South wanted to be a pirate is unknown, though in his court case he claims Bellamy threatened to maroon him on a deserted island if he did not join the crew. Several crewmembers aboard the Mary Anne also testified that he had told them he was planning to escape at the first available moment.

Portrayed by:

David Wheeler

David WheelerDavid is a Minnesota actor, born and raised, and is excited to be joining the crew of the Whydah. In addition to being in a number of shows at Macalester College, where he received his undergraduate degree in acting, David has performed at the Walker Art Center, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, and Bedlam Theatre in Minnesota. He also performed at the Iowa New Play Festival and at the University of Iowa theatre department where he was pursuing his masters. In addition to his pirate duties, David works in the main galleries of the Science Museum teaching visitors about dinosaurs, engineering, and the joys of being a trader at the Collector's Corner. He also works for the Minnesota Historical Society as an interpreter and history player at Fort Snelling and the Alexander Ramsey House.