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Real Pirates

Simon Van Vorst

Simon Van VorstLittle is known about Simon Van Vorst. He was originally from New York and served on Bellamy's crew aboard the Whydah. He joined Hendrick Quintor, Thomas South, Peter Cornelius Hoof, Jean Shuan, John Brown and Thomas Baker, his crewmates from the Whydah who were on board the Mary Anne at the time of the Whydah's wreck, on trial in Boston, where they faced charges of piracy and robbery. They offered the only defense they could, that they were forced to sign the ship's articles and that they had been pressed into service. Only Thomas South was believed and was spared the gallows. The remaining six were sentenced to death by hanging.

Portrayed by:

Josh Carson

Josh CarsonJosh Carson is an occasionally employed comedian/writer in the Twin Cities. He has performed with such companies as The Brave New Workshop, Seasons Dinner Theater, Urban Samurai Productions and Actors Theater of Minnesota, where he performed in Tony n' Tina's Wedding, We Gotta Bingo, and, more recently, Bye Bye Liver: The Twin Cities Drinking Play. He collaborated with Comedy Suitcase to write and star in their spring smash Michael Bay's Super Mario Armageddon. Josh also ran his own company, Mainly Me Productions, and produced his own scripts, among them Video Guy, Sober Cab, and SOS. This past summer, Mainly Me Productions returned to the Fringe Festival with the hit, Our Freaking Kids Show.