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Real Pirates

Richard Nolan

Richard NolanRichard Nolan set sail from his homeland with pirate Ben Hornigold before coming under the employ of Captain Bellamy. His even temper, eye for detail, and smooth talk earned him the position of the fleet's Quartermaster under Bellamy before he assumed command of his own ship, the Anne.

Nolan achieved the seldom-earned title of "retired pirate" in 1718, when he was pardoned by the Crown. He led a respectable life on land for the rest of his days.

Portrayed by:

Butch Roy

Butch RoyButch Roy loves improv. It all started 14 years ago, when he attended a show at the legendary Brave New Workshop. This turned into studying improv at the Brave New Institute, which later led to becoming the Technical Director at the Brave New Workshop, a position he proudly held for eight years. Somewhere in there he also earned his B.F.A. from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, got married, and had some kids. In 2002, Butch founded Improv A Go-Go, a weekly, all improvised showcase of some of the best local and national improvisers. Now in its eighth year, this Sunday night show still manages to sell out on a regular basis. In 2006, Butch started the Twin Cities Improv Festival (TCIF), a four-day event featuring shows and workshops. Held each June, TCIF has grown every year, attracting some of the most well-respected and talented improvisers on the continent.