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Real Pirates

John King

John KingFor reasons that are not well-documented, John King was traveling with his mother aboard the sloop Bonetta, which was captured in the Caribbean by Captain Bellamy and his crew. King, who was as young as eight or nine or as old as eleven, was captivated by the wild, exciting lives of the men on board Bellamy's ship, the Marianne. As they boarded the Bonetta to overtake it, King demanded to join their crew. If they didn't accept him, he threatened to kill himself. When King's mother protested, he threatened to kill her, as well.

King won the battle of wills and joined Bellamy's band. Less than a year later, he sank with the Whydah. He would go down in history as the youngest pirate ever known.

Portrayed by:

Archer Gallivan

Archer GallivanArcher Doyle Gallivan is a 12 year old Saint Paulite. He enjoys acting, singing and making videos. He is a third generation actor and has performed at such theaters as the Guthrie Theater, Starting Gate Theater, Theater in the Round and Actors Theater of Minnesota.