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Real Pirates

John Brown

John BrownJohn Brown was rigger on the Mary Anne and the Whydah, which were ships in Sam Bellamy's flotilla. He joined the crew when Leboose, captain of the Postillion, took him off of a naval vessel in the winter of 1716. This is where he met Bellamy and became friendly with him. Bellamy was said to have thought that John Brown brought him luck.

Besides being a good luck charm, Brown was a formidable pirate. When the Whydah took the ship the Mary Anne, Brown strutted up and down the coast where the former crew of the Mary Anne was being held. He threatened them, claimed that the Whydah was his ship, and told them to call him "Captain." At the time of the Whydah's sinking, John Brown was on the Mary Anne. He survived the ship running aground and sought refuge in a tavern with the other survivors, where they were arrested. He was put on trial in 1717, was convicted of piracy and sentenced to hang. It was said that on his way to the gallows he was given a mug of rum, which he swallowed in one gulp. When all of the other pirates were repenting for their crimes, it was Brown alone who gave a short speech which was said to have greatly disturbed the spectators and left them shivering long after he was hanged.

Portrayed by:

Andy Kraft

Andy KraftAndy Kraft is excited to be working with the Science Museum of Minnesota for the first time, mainly because this means he can eat tomorrow. Probably. He has previously worked with Actors Theater of Minnesota in such shows as Tony n' Tina's Wedding and We Gotta Bingo. He has also been performing with Comedy Suitcase and Four Humors Theater. He has performed in many of Open Eye Figure Theatre's general season shows, and he has created, written and puppeteered in their Driveway Tour. Andy can also be seen on your TV on the Saturday morning educational sketch show, M@D ABOUT. Andy likes raking, clapping his hands really fast, and the word "stealth."