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Real Pirates

Hendrick Quintor

Hendrick QuintorHendrick Quintor, a free black man of African and Dutch descent, was born in Amsterdam in 1692. As the son of a sailor, he spent most of his life at sea. Quintor became a pirate when the Spanish brigantine he was aboard was captured by French pirates in the early 1700s.

After joining the pirates of the Whydah, Quintor earned a reputation as one of the toughest pirates on the ship. He was one of the 30 seamen of African descent aboard the Whydah.

Quintor was not on board the Whydah when she sank in 1717. However, he met his death after being captured and found guilty of piracy in that same year. The penalty? Death by hanging.

Portrayed by:

Darius Dotch

Darius DotchDarius Dotch is a 2009 graduate of St. Cloud State University. His professional debut came on Pillsbury House Theatre's stage, where he performed the role of Malcolm in Broke-Ology by Nathan Jackson. He has been in multiple productions of Pillsbury House Theatre's Breaking Ice and also performed in American Sexy by Trista Baldwin at the Guthrie Theatre's Singled-Out Festival. Darius also appeared at Open Eye Figure Theatre in M^2, produced by Theatre NoviMost, and in On the Verge by Eric Overmeyer at St. Cloud State University, where he received an "Outstanding Theatre Performance" award. He made an appearance in the 2011 Fringe Festival, where he played the role of Malcolm in Reginald Edmund's Tales of the Twisted Cities, which was nominated for Best Play in the Fringe Festival.