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Real Pirates

Family Activity Guide

Family Activity Guides are conveniently located at the entrance to the Real Pirates exhibition. Show your completed guide at the Collectors' Corner for some treasure of your own!

If you prefer, activities in the guide can be printed at home using the link below.

Family Activity Guide
(3 pages; PDF | 550 KB)

About the Exhibition

Whydah Gally
Go "below decks" to get a glimpse of what life was like aboard one of the most successful pirate ships of the Golden Age of Piracy.

In the Real Pirates exhibition, you'll dive to the wreck of the Whydah to discover the true stories of its captain and crew in the world's first exhibition of authentic pirate treasure!

Gallery 1: Introductory Theater
A dramatic video introduces the themes of the exhibition

Gallery 2: Bell Gallery
See the definitive proof of the Whydah's discovery.

Gallery 3: The Slave Ship Whydah
Learn the history of the Whydah.

Gallery 4: The Caribbean
Meet pirates and learn about their way of life.

Gallery 5: Capturing the Whydah
Learn how the Whydah was captured by pirates.

Gallery 6: Enter the Whydah
Climb aboard this large-scale replica of the Whydah's hull.

Gallery 7: The Captain's Cabin
Take an up-close look at Captain Bellamy's quarters.

Gallery 8: Below Decks
What was life like for a pirate on board the Whydah?

Gallery 9: The Treasure Gallery
See loot recovered from the Whydah.

Gallery 10: Storm & Loss Gallery
Learn about the storm that sank the Whydah.

Gallery 11: The Pirate's Fate
What happened to captured pirates?

Gallery 12: Discovery & Recovery
Learn how the Whydah was discovered and recovered.