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The Greatest Places

The Greatest Places takes viewers on an educational journey to seven of the most geographically dynamic locations on earth. Featuring spectacular land forms, diverse wildlife and the people and cultures indigenous to these places. Comprehensive aerial and remote location cinematography, along with computer animation, bring viewers to examples of seven distinct geographic place types; our greatest island—Madagascar—home of the unique limestone pinnacles and the playful lemur; our greatest desert—the Namib—home of the largest sand dunes in the world that tower majestically over its western border, the Atlantic Ocean. Other locations featured are: the great icecap of Greenland, Iguazu Falls in Brazil, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the Chang Tang Plateau in Tibet, and the Amazon River in South America.

Release Date: 1998
Run Time: 39 minutes

Major funding provided by U.S. National Science Foundation