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Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs

Field Trips & Educators

Book your field trip now! Call (651) 221-9444 or (800) 221-9444.

If you are interested in bringing your PreK-12th Grade school group:

  • Advance reservations are necessary for school groups.
  • Ticket prices below are per person.
  • Pricing valid for PreK-12th Grade school groups only.
  • The museum has special rates for teachers and chaperones depending on ratio. (There can be no fewer than one chaperone for every 10 students.) Please ask when you call to make your reservation.

Admission Prices

Reduced Price Eligibility* Regular
Mummies +
Museum Admission

Teacher, Chaperone


Ask for price



* Schools with 50% or more of their students approved for free and reduced-price meals (as cited by the Minnesota Department of Education) are eligible for the museum's Reduced Price Program.

Field Trip Information

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