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Stream Sampling Procedure


Environmental samples may support the biotic collections in several ways:

  • Collect stream samples from lake inlets, outlets (to compare with lake samples), or other stream sites we may choose to sample, and characterize stream substrate visually
  • Measure stream flow with current meter (on selected streams, esp. inlets)
  • Locate site with GPS coordinates


Locate site with GPS coordinates

  • Locate site with GPS coordinates
  • Characterize stream sediment visually
  • Collect/measure QW sample
    -Obtain field parameters with YSI sonde
    -Collect field sample (1 L, surface -- avoid sediment) for later processing
    -Label each sample, possibly with stick-on labels partially written out with lake ID and date
  • Measure stream flow
    -Stretch tape across stream, or pace width, plan readings
    -Collect depth and velocity readings
    -Enter onto worksheet and calculate flow
    -Possibly -- measure stream velocity with simple float and paced distance, if flow meter not available

Equipment and supplies:

  • Hip boots, or stocking-foot hip waders, or "wading pants"
  • Tupperware bins for organizing/storing equipment?
  • GPS unit
  • Mini-piezometer and manometer board. Accessory tubing, connectors, clamps, etc.
  • Sampling mini-well, pounder, surger, purging pump?
  • Auger or pack shovel? Hand trowel? For digging to water table...
  • Lock level (hand level)
  • Collapsible level rod, plus attachment to "stick" it into hole and mark groundwater level vs. lake level (stand at lake shore, and shoot rod marking gw level in hole...e.g.)
  • YSI sonde with T, SC, DO, and pH probes, with flow-through cell
  • Peristoltic pump (hand-operated) and/or vacuum bottle
  • Strainer? Mini-well screen? for pump intake tubing... at springs, in holes?
  • Field sampling bottles -- probably 1 L, but maybe only 500 mL. No smaller than that, I'd say.
  • Maybe -- sample bottles for field alkalinities (with cone-lids), in addition.
  • Isotope bottles
  • Label tape and sharpies
  • Stick-on labels

General Notes:

The fact is that, despite the above best-intentioned plans, we simply collected a grab sample for water quality from streams; there just wasn't enough time to measure flow.