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Expedition preparatory tasks

Considerations: For the group, we need to cover appropriate responsibilities that are best not left to the individual team members. Considerations for the group will include making travel arrangements to and from Mongolia, organizing land transport in Mongolia, and arranging contacts in Ulaanbaatar and Ulaangom.

For PIs to do:

Group administrative materials

  • Choose itinerary and purchase tickets
  • Collect passports and contract with visa service (visas not needed if not flying through China)
  • Arrange logistics inside Mongolia -- Sonya as expedition manager
    - Arrange for arrival and stay in Ulaanbaatar (local transport, accommodations, meeting with important contacts and folks joining the trip)
    - Arrange for arrival and stay in Ulaangom (i.e., contact local naturalist who will accompany us, plan accommodations)
    - Arrange for drivers and cooks, based in Ulaangom (purchase necessary supplies)
    - Plan exit strategy (accommodations near Ulaangom, flight to Ulaanbaatar, accommodations and time for packing and shipping, flight back home)
    - It can take easily one week to obtain all the necessary permits for taking samples out of the country. A local scientist (Sonya) was absolutely necessary to help make all the arrangements.
  • Contact the American Embassy in Ulaan Baatar:
    - register our expedition
    - get advice regarding medical emergency procedures
    - get more accurate advice on vaccine recommendations
  • Compile and obtain group-shared equipment.