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Mongolia Ostracode Database

The Mongolia Ostracode Database (ODB) for this project consists of an ostracode sample list matching corresponding site information and field measurements and, if so, water sample number. A small description of the habitats characteristics is also included.

The database (ODB) is organized according to the following conventions:

OST_ID: unique number indentifying all samples. Template: OSTyy.nnn, where yy is the sample year ("04" or "05" for 2004 or 2005), and nnn is the sequential sample number for each year. Each sampled site has a different number, and some sites have different sample numbers for different (micro-) habitats sampled at the same site (for example littoral and Ekman dredge samples for the same lake).

SITENUM, SITECODE, SITENAME and WID: These correspond with the fields in the Mongolia Environmental Database. The general description of the site is given there.

SC_OST and PH_OST: These water-quality measurements were taken with a probe as close to the sampled site as possible. They are supplementary with the field measurements given in the EDB, and if they are lacking, measurements of the main water body (see the Mongolia Environmental Database) can give an idea about the local conditions.

WID: For lakes, this matching water sample is the epilimnetic water sample taken in the middle of the lake, or another epilimnetic water sample taken within the same water body (e.g. littoral). For springs, pools, or streams it is the water sample as close as possible to the habitat sampled for ostracodes. If blank, no water sample was taken in the same water body, or the water sample is not believed to reflect the local conditions where the ostracode sample was taken.

HABITAT_OST: This gives information about the local site where the sample was taken. Usually includes some information about substrate, depth and vegetation.

Metadata: The first page of the Excel spreadsheet consists of metadata explaining the format and meaning of each of the fields in the accompanying data sheet.

For further information, please contact , Emi Ito or Thijs Van der Meeren.

Data Availability

The following data file is available to download in MS Excel (*.xls) format:
OstraSiteID Sample number, location, sample type, and habitat.