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Media Room - Collections Gallery Fact Sheet

Collections Gallery Fact sheet

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Collections Gallery


Science Museum of Minnesota, level 4
120 West Kellogg Boulevard, Downtown Saint Paul


The Collections Gallery is filled with a "greatest hits" selection of treasures from the Science Museum's 1.75 million-object collection.


Selections from the Questionable Medical Devices collection: The Science Museum of Minnesota's Questionable Medical Devices display gives visitors a peek at machines from the past 100 years that were designed to "cure" what ails the average human. In some cases, these failed remedies were honest mistakes, but many others were deliberate frauds. Visitors will see the phrenology machine (which makes conclusions about personality based on the bumps on patients' heads), the Orgone Energy Accumulator (which claims to charge the biological batteries), and other gizmos reputed to reverse, correct, or stimulate any number of real and imagined health concerns.

Seacoast Fossils from South Carolina: Visitors can examine highlights from paleontologist Bruce Erickson's years of research along South Carolina's coastal regions. This startling collection of 28-million-year-old creatures includes a 22-foot-long crocodile, a dugong (sea cow), a pseudodontorn, a giant sea turtle, a huge fossil whale, and micro fossils picked from sediment found near the large specimens.

We Move and We Stay: Featuring spectacular objects from the Whipple Collection, a rich collection of objects from the Ojibwe and Dakota nations of Minnesota that was assembled by Episcopalian bishop Henry Whipple in the late 19th century, We Move and We Stay tells the story of generations of native people – people who have adapted and changed while staying true to the rich traditions that make up the fabric of the place we all call home.


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