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Math Moves!

Field Trips & Educators

Math MovesThe Science Museum is known for promoting active, "hands-on" inquiry in science. Mathematics can also involve active questioning, constructing, manipulation of objects, and experimenting. Try multisensory active math in Math Moves! Engage your students in curriculum-related, exhibit-based learning, integrating the motivation and energy of free-choice investigation, the fun of discovery and personal meaning-making. Enacting math can be a powerful tool for exploration and understanding.

Book your field trip now! Call (651) 221-9444 or (800) 221-9444.

If you are interested in bringing your PreK-12th Grade school group:

  • Advance reservations are necessary for school groups.
  • Pricing valid for PreK-12th Grade school groups only.
  • The museum has special rates for teachers and chaperones depending on ratio. (There can be no fewer than one chaperone for every 10 students.) Please ask when you call to make your reservation.

Field Trip Information

What better way is there to bring school science lessons to life than with a field trip to the Science Museum? Get tips to plan your class trip and discover the wealth on online resources for teachers. Learn More

Educator Resources

For classroom activities that can be used in either preparation for a visit to the exhibition or as extension activities after returning to school, download the Math Moves! Educator Guide. (PDF | 774 KB)